Electric Media Research & Development is one of the Top Waterproofing Experts in the field of Water Leakage Prevention. We provide perfect Waterproofing Solutions before and after Rains/Monsoon to all types of Premises. Our team of Engineers provides Waterproofing Consultation and Audit Services as per the Client's requirement. Our Company adopts NDI Non Destructive Inspection Infrared Technology using EMWLSDP8 to detect the source of Water Dripping.

Being the best Water Dampness Finding Company In India, People who face severe Leakage issues at their Homes, offices, Bungalows, Buildings, take guidance from Electric Media Research and Development to resolve their Waterproofing Problems. Electric Media Research and Development being the best Waterproofing Consultant for different types of Housing Societies in Thane, Mumbai, India is pioneer in Detecting of all kinds of Waterproofing related problems.

We are the best Water Leakage and Seepage Root Cause Analysis Company based in Mumbai that provides Water Arresting Services without breaking using EMWLSDP8 Technology. Electric Media Research & Development consist of Professional Contractors and Investigators serving Mumbai with ultimate Quality. Our Water Arresting and Moisture Detection and fix it without breaking Services helps everyone who face Water Dripping and Leakage issues.

We provide Water proofing services to following types of Buildings and Societies

High Rise Tower
Housing Societies
Housing Society
Mega Structures Building
CHS Cooperative Housing Society
CHS Co-operative Housing Society
CHS Cooperative Housing Societies
Proposed Cooperative Housing Societies
Proposed Co-operative Housing Societies
Green Buildings
High Rise Building
Sky Scrapers Building
Cooperative Housing Society
Co-operative Housing Society
Registered Co-operative Housing Society
CHS Co-operative Housing Societies
Proposed Cooperative Housing Society
Proposed Co-operative Housing Society
Society Building
Society Buildings
Tower Buildings
Cooperative Housing Societies
Co-operative Housing Societies
Registered Cooperative Housing Society
Registered Cooperative Housing Societies
Registered Co-operative Housing Societies

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